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Nik Gundersen X Drasko

Remix portrait

Digital Artist:
Nik Gundersen
Music Artist:

Nik Gundersen is a CGI generalist and Visual Designer working in the fields of digital image making and animation. With strong focus on product and set design, he works closely with the fashion and music industries. His work has a highly realistic aspect of lighting and texturing with a more surreal shape and function design. Creating both a wide range of fully CG work, he also collaborates with photographers and directors on implementation of his work in photography and videography.


Drasko’s creations are often an immersive intersection of sound, art and technology. As a multi-disciplinary creative, Drasko's work presents itself in various forms: immersive web experiences, interactive installations, music records, NFT experiences, digital/physical art exhibitions and many collaborations with renowned music and visual artists.