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Ployz X Arseny

Remix portrait

Digital Artist:
Music Artist:

Ployz is Ploypapus Phosri, a Thai multimedia artist, living and working in Berlin. Her work takes on multiple forms, such as motion graphic design, 2D-3D animation, generative design, and audiovisual art. She has a special interest in real-time visualization, arts & science, and analog/digital interfacing. Coming from the Eastern hemisphere, Ployz is highly influenced by eastern philosophies which are reflected in her work.


Arseny aka Tomás Epifani (1995), is an experimental musician from Buenos Aires, based in Barcelona. He began his professional career in 2017 when released his first album "Være And Queer" through the Californian label Casement Exchange under the pseudonym Arseny, a project named after the 20th-century Russian experimental theorist and composer: Arseny Avraamov.